How OK Capsule Works:

1. Schedule a call with our team to discuss your needs.

Over an initial intro call, we'll walk you through how OK Capsule works and discuss your needs in order to find the right solution for your company.



2. We'll walk you through the integration of our platform.

Our platform integrates with your e-commerce infrastructure to provide a seamless experience for your customers. 

3. Select your supplements & send us your branded assets.

Select from our tightly curated inventory of 100+ premium-grade supplements made from ethically-sourced, rigorously tested, and quality-controlled ingredients. 

Once we have your supplements formulated, we'll work together on your branded packaging and design. 



4. Manage orders via your OK Capsule portal and we do the rest!

Once all systems are in place, you'll be able to access your easy-to-use management tools for tracking all logistics including warehousing, packaging, and delivery.

An Overview Of OK Capsule Services:

OK Capsule's e-commerce app

Access to OK Capsule's web portal

Access to OK Capsule's API

Access to 100+ premium-grade supplements

Access to our nutritionists & formulary team

Custom formulation

Access to OK Capsule's design team

Branded shipping box

Branded supplement dispenser box

Branded, personalized packets

Branded pamphlet cover pages

Custom fonts & multi-colored printing

Compostable products

3rd party products



Just getting started or looking to scale your business? Learn how we partnered with other companies in your position and provided them with solutions to help them scale.  


Are you a veteran in the industry and looking to automate your supplement operations? Check out some of our enterprise clients and how we were able to help scale their business.

Ready to get started?

Whether you need personalized supplement packets or a third-party logistics service for drop-shipping — or both — we offer a variety of solutions to address your company’s needs.