The OK Capsule team comprises seasoned quality and formulation specialists with more than five decades of nutritional experience. Each personalized vitamin and supplement included in your brand's packs boasts a solid foundation rooted in decades of clinical research, meticulously evaluated and scrutinized by our team of quality assurance professionals. We harness our proprietary evaluation process to offer you personalized supplement solutions, effortlessly delivered to your customers' doorstep in convenient daily packs on a monthly basis.


OK Capsule- Product Quality Standards

100% Testing of Ingredients and Products

When you entrust your brand to be produced at the OK Capsule packaging facility, you receive our unwavering commitment to providing the utmost in dietary supplement manufacturing quality. OK Capsule partners exclusively with supplement manufacturers who uphold the highest quality control standards. When you receive a shipment from OK Capsule, rest assured that the contents precisely match what's indicated on the label.

Our manufacturing partners subject 100% of incoming ingredients to rigorous testing. Every formulation and completed product undergoes thorough evaluation before being dispatched to OK Capsule, guaranteeing purity, potency, and stability. OK Capsule obtains impartial verification from our manufacturing partners, confirming that every batch aligns with your specific requirements, courtesy of independent third-party laboratories conducting testing for raw material and finished product potency. All affiliated laboratories are ISO-17025 accredited and subject to regular audits, ensuring accurate results and adherence to appropriate testing methods.


FDA Compliance & GMP Certification

All of our supplements are manufactured in accordance with UL cGMP standards and tested by certified laboratories. Certifications can also include: Organic, Kosher, Halal, herbicide/ pesticide free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Glyphosate free, Non-GMO.

CM23CS1331645 Process GMP Badge

Quality Above All

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Packet Inspector Technology

Our packet verification system ensures the highest level of accuracy and meticulously records details for each packet's label and its contents. Our inspection solutions include advanced software, high-speed processing capabilities, and precise cameras to enhance the inspection process. OK Capsule's inspection solutions not only enhance accountability and precision but also offer a guarantee of compliance with FDA regulations.

What Tools Do You Need?

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