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No matter if you're launching a new venture or managing a thriving enterprise, OK Capsule simplifies the process of drop-shipping private label supplements in eco-friendly, custom-branded daily vitamin packs. Collaborate with us to craft tailor-made or expertly curated packs tailored to your company's unique requirements.

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Unique Packaging

Eco-friendly personalized vitamin packs

Deliver customized, on-the-go, and daily vitamins with our distinctive vitamin packs. Customize the supplement offering and dosage to suit specific conditions or individual needs. These single-use packs provide the convenience of vitamin portability while contributing to a reduction in plastic waste by taking plastic bottles out of the picture.

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Two Types Of Vitamin Packs


Packs On Demand

You have the flexibility to create personalized packs utilizing the OK Capsule formulary, designed to suit your unique requirements. These individualized packs can be adjusted within days, offering a quick response to changes in health conditions and lifestyles. Additionally, you can feature each daily vitamin packet on your website, offer them for sale through your Shopify store, and seamlessly deliver them directly to your consumers' homes via OK Capsule's efficient drop ship service.

Provide your customers with a product that will keep them coming back for more. Packs On Demand delivers convenience, speedy turnaround times, an uncomplicated ordering system, and immediate fulfillment whenever you need it.

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Personalized Packs

OK Capsule works with our clients to help them develop science-backed vitamin packs, that can be entirely customizable, designed to meet individual needs. Vitamin packs can be customized through your consumer quiz, DNA or Biomarker results or a Dr’s order. Each consumer daily vitamin packet is designed for them and has their name on them! OK Capsule typically produces for our clients’ customers a monthly supplement dispenser box that holds 30 custom vitamin packs.

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Truly Personalized

"One Size Fits One" because health cannot be mass produced.

Your company's expert medical team and product development experts will have the ability to create a vitamin package that is perfectly customized for your customer base. Craft individualized vitamin packages that align precisely with your customers' lifestyles, aspirations, or health profiles. Your customers will receive the exact dosages of ingredients they need to reach their goals. With this level of ingredient and dosage accuracy, our convenient supplement package not only saves time but also cuts costs. We can meet the unique requirements and objectives of your consumers by formulating a distinct blend of supplements within a single package.

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