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Whether you're launching a new venture or managing a thriving enterprise, OK Capsule simplifies the process of drop-shipping private label supplements in eco-friendly, custom-branded daily vitamin packs. Collaborate with us to craft tailor-made, expertly curated packs that meet your company's unique requirements.

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Unique Packaging

Personalized vitamin packs

Deliver customized, on-the-go, daily vitamins with our unique vitamin pack format. Customize the supplement offering and dosage to suit specific conditions or individual needs. These single-use packs provide the convenience of portability while contributing to a reduction in plastic waste by taking bottles out of the picture.

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Two Types Of Vitamin Packs


Packs On Demand

Packs on demand are solution-oriented. These are predefined packs that can range from weight-loss to longevity, adrenal fatigue to sleep support. 

Work with our formulary experts to create the packs that you want to make available to your customers, and we produce and ship on-demand. With low monthly MOQs and product shipped directly to your consumer there's no need to hold up cash in inventory or involve a 3PL. 

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Personalized Packs

Personalized packs are entirely customizable, designed to meet individual needs, based on your consumer quiz, DNA or Biomarker results or a Dr’s order. Each vitamin packet is designed for a specific consumer and drop-shipped to their door within days. These are typically shipped in a dispenser box that holds up to 32 custom vitamin packs.

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Truly Personalized

"One Size Fits One" because health cannot be mass produced.

Create a vitamin product that is perfectly tailored to your customer base. Craft individualized vitamin packets that align precisely with your customers' lifestyles, goals, or health profiles. Your customers receive the exact dosages of ingredients they need. With this level of ingredient and dosage accuracy, our convenient supplement package not only saves time but also reduces costs and increases compliance. 

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