Private Label Supplements
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Whether you’re a startup or enterprise, OK Capsule makes it safe and easy to drop-ship private label supplements in custom branded, eco-friendly, daily vitamin packs. Work with us to create personalized or curated packs that fit your company's needs.


Unique Packaging

Eco-friendly, compostable vitamin packs.

Give customers personalized, portable, and sustainable vitamins with these unique vitamin packs. Tailor package design and dosage to a particular condition or a particular person. Single-use packs offer the flexibility to carry vitamins anywhere and reduce plastic waste.

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Two Types Of Vitamin Packs


Solution Packs

Bundle doctor-recommended supplements into solutions for consumers to take daily to treat a condition like high cholesterol, or when an immediate need arises like help going to sleep.

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Personal Packs

Combine supplements to meet an individual consumer's health goals and deliver them in personalized, daily vitamin packs with the consumer's name that are fulfilled and drop-shipped directly to their door.

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