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OK Capsule equips you with the tools to automate and expand your supplement business, enabling you to provide a tailored health experience for your customers. Our behind-the-scenes support ensures a seamless customer journey from the initial discovery to order fulfillment, allowing you to effortlessly deliver private label supplements that distinguish your brand.

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Why Choose OK Capsule?

API Page

Use our API to seamlessly integrate with your e-commerce infrastructure.

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Shopify Integration
Use our Shopify app to offer an easy shopping and shipping experience to your customers.

Shipping Truck

Flexible Shipping
Have us package and drop-ship directly to your customers or 3PL.


Order Portal
Log into our easy-to-use portal to track all logistics including warehousing, packaging, and delivery.


cGMP Certified
OK Capsule is the only cGMP certified personalization co-packer.


Products developed for maximum effectiveness. We select ingredients grounded in scientifically supported evidence.

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Good For The People & The Planet

Data shows 70% of Americans use supplements. At an average of 6 plastic bottles per person/year, that's 1.4 billion bottles/year. At an average weight of 30g per bottle, that's 41,580,000 kg of trash created per year making people healthy. Trash that doesn't ever go away. For you visual learners, that's 25 football fields stacked 10 feet high with plastic trash PER YEAR. Together, we can help do something about this.
Each 30 packets/roll uses 80% less plastic than 5 pill bottles.
Plastic Bottles

Shipping Services


OK Capsule has partnered with Sendle, which is the first 100% carbon-neutral shipping carrier specifically designed to serve small eCommerce businesses. Sendle's network reduces the environmental impact of shipping by tapping existing shipping providers and filling their vehicles to ensure every trip is maximized, and purchasing offsets to address carbon emissions. As a Certified B Corp, Sendle seeks to have a positive impact on all of its stakeholders, especially its team, the environment, and the communities Sendle serves.


Dedicated Account Managers & Support

From technical issues to logistics questions, we’ve got you covered with dedicated account managers and an easy-to-use support ticket platform, built right into your personal order portal.

What Tools Do You Need?

Speak with one of our account managers to learn more.