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The wellness market has seen strong innovation in areas such as personalized nutrition, vitamins, and beauty. Personalization of products and services is an expectation of your consumers. OK Capsule is at the forefront of the technology in personalized vitamins. We can help your supplement brand stand out by delivering personalized, custom, and convenient options that fit seamlessly into consumers' existing lifestyles, which increases compliance and lifetime value. 

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What Makes Us Different?

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Patented Packaging System

We bring your brand to life through custom vitamin packs and dispenser system that leverage modern technology. 

No Bottles

Our vitamin packs help you offer precise doses that consumers can take or store anywhere.


Use our catalog of 50+ premium grade supplements or bring your own to package.


All of our packaging is environmentally friendly, down to the tape on our boxes.


Low minimum order quantities help you create a low-risk entry product to market.

Higher AOV

Average order value increases when multiple supplements are combined into one convenient packet.

Two Types Of Vitamin Packs:

Packs On Demand

Choose from our doctor-recommended supplements and bundle into daily packets for consumers to treat a condition or support a health goal. Available on-demand with no cost in inventory or 3PL. 

Each Packs-on-demand Order Includes:

  • Mixed vitamin packets designed to support everything from stress & sleep to high cholesterol
  • Packs that contain friendly personal messaging like "Here are your daily vitamins, Alex!"
  • Customized vitamin dispenser box
  • FDA-compliant educational and regulatory pamphlets

Personalized Packs

Your technology or our "Pack Builder" selects the supplements to meet an individual consumer's health goals and delivers them in daily packs that are drop-shipped directly to their door.

Each Order Includes:

  • Mixed vitamin packets designed to support an individual's needs
  • Packs that contain friendly personal messaging like "Here are your daily vitamins, Sarah!"
  • Customized vitamin dispenser boxes
  • FDA-compliant educational and regulatory pamphlets
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Truly Personalized Service

Craft a vitamin pack uniquely tailored for your clientele. Design custom vitamin packs that precisely align with your customers' lifestyles, goals, or health conditions. Your customers will receive the precise ingredient doses they require to achieve their objectives. With ingredient and dose precision, our convenient supplement packs increase compliance and LTV.

We fulfill your consumers' distinct needs and goals by creating a one-of-a-kind blend of supplements within a single pack.

How It Works

Step 1


Choose Your Shopping Experience

Integrate with our eCommerce Shopify or API to provide a seamless experience for your customers from discovery to fulfillment.

Step 2

Packing Boxes

Design Your Vitamins & Packaging

Select from 50+ premium supplements (or bring your own) and work with our design team on your branded packaging.

Step 3

API Page

Manage Your Orders

Easy-to-use management tools track all logistics from warehousing to packaging and delivery.

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