The OK Capsule Mission

OK Capsule was founded by a doctor to bring quality, transparency, and effectiveness back to the supplement industry. For over 50 years, supplements have taken a “one-bottle-fits-all” approach, forcing consumers to choose from endless numbers of bottles with little understanding of which brands could be trusted or which supplements might yield results. OK Capsule is changing that.

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Continuous Innovation

OK Capsule partners with companies to iterate, find product-market-fit, and scale rapidly.

Meet Our Executive Team


Dr. Andrew Brandeis

Dr. Andrew Brandeis, ND is CEO and co-founder of OK Capsule, with over 20 years of experience in primary medical practice, naturopathy and business innovation.

“Our mission is to provide the technology, products, fulfillment, and strategic support that makes it safe and sustainable for companies to launch and scale the delivery of personalized supplement packets to their customers.”

Noah Austin

In addition to co-founding OK Capsule, Noah Austin has over 30 years of experience building cutting edge software across robotics, digital special effects, and cloud computing.

“When my daughter suddenly required a complex regiment of dietary supplements to support her health, I couldn’t find a single tool that would help me care for her. People deserve better and I knew we could build it with Ok Capsule.”


Steve Giese

Chief Operating Officer


30+ years of Sales, Marketing and Operations experience from start ups to Fortune 50 organizations

Our Clients Love Us

"OK Capsule makes it safe and easy regardless of size, to offer their customers personalized, uniquely branded supplements that are good for people and good for the planet."

-Robert Craven
Former CEO, Megafood & Garden of Life


Our Facility

Our cGMP certified state-of-the-art facility in Reno, Nevada, is equipped with the latest technology to create private-label personalized supplements. We meticulously screen and test ingredients to ensure quality, transparency, and ethical harvesting.

Does Our Mission Align With Yours?

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