We've Got You Covered. 

Whatever your health and wellness brand specializes in, a partnership with OK Capsule offers you a unique personalized service that builds brand loyalty and diversifies your revenue streams.


Technology Solutions

Through our API, Shopify or Zapier integrations, we empower our partners to scale the delivery of personalized, premium-grade supplement packets to their customers.

Easily scale orders for 100 customers or 1 million. Your order data is protected through OK Capsule’s secure API protocols.

OK Capsule API, Shopify or Zapier integrations

Order processing & logistics

Web Portal for account management, customer service, adverse event reporting, and more. 


Supplement Formulations

Select from our tightly curated inventory of 100+ premium-grade supplements made from ethically sourced, rigorously tested, and quality-controlled ingredients. Pay-as-you-go, with no minimums, on OK Capsule's standard supplement inventory. 

100+ premium-grade supplements to select from

Custom formulations

Access to OK Capsule's expert nutritionists & formulary team


Design & Packaging

Improve your environmental footprint with OK Capsule’s environmentally friendly packaging. On average, customers save five plastic bottles by switching to packets. Everything, from the tape on our dispenser box to our individual supplement packets, has been designed to be environmentally sustainable.

The dispenser box houses the daily supplement roll. It is a static, pre-printed item made of durable 18pt CNK cardboard, featuring an auto-lock bottom.

Branded supplement dispenser & shipping box

Branded pamphlet & supplement packets

Custom fonts & multi-colored printing



Daily supplement packets are dynamically printed, address your customer personally (e.g., “Here are your daily vitamins, Alex”), and hold up to 6 supplements in any combination of pill, capsule, soft-gel, or tablet form.

Personalized supplement packets

Personalized pamphlet with supplement details

Refill reminder packets



OK Capsule packages and drop-ships custom, private-labeled supplement packets directly to your customers.


Branded shipping box